There are some animals who are quite loyal and friendly towards human beings. Although all animals must be treated with utmost care and kindness yet there are some animals which are most loved by mankind. These animals are loved because of their loyalty, friendly nature, cute activities, intelligence and sometimes because a person just loves the particular animal so much that he can not think of getting apart from it. These animals can be dogs, cats, monkeys, dolphins, pandas, etc. Some people likes to own them as their pets while some likes to visit them at their habitats. These habitats can be  jungle, sea, zoo, park, port, etc. One such place which people loves to visit are ports where they enjoy dolphin watch.


Dolphins are one of the most intelligent mammals, whose intelligence quotient is quite high. There are variety of dolphins, some are quite friendly while some are dangerous. People often deny to accept that whale is also a type of dolphin as whales are quite dangerous and people assume all dolphins to be of a friendly nature. Most of the dolphins are very amusing, friendly and cheerful. They like to play with ball and recognizes the person who serves them with food. They are quite friendly towards people and are not scared to play with them. Other than that friendly dolphins never harms human beings intentionally.

Dolphin watch:

Dolphin watch in Nelson Bay is a spectacle where people go to watch dolphins play, dance, act, etc. In dolphin watch, people interacts with dolphins and have fun time with them. Special places or ports are made which allows people to have a closer look of dolphins while enjoying themselves in boats or ferry.

Port Stephens:

One of the places which showcases the best dolphin watch is port Stephens. Port Stephens is a port whose ferry services takes you from Nelson bay to Tea garden and vice versa. On the way from one port to another people get to see the panoramic view of smoothly flowing water with dolphins playing all along the way. Moreover, they also gives informative commentary to passengers. Hence, increasing the knowledge of people about waterscape, dolphin watch and sea ports. Dolphin watch serves as a fun sight where people gets to interact and play with them while sitting on their respective boats.


Dolphin watch can be defined as a spectacle in which dolphin acts, plays, dances, jumps, etc. People enjoys to watch and interact with dolphins, they serve them with food and plays with them with ball. Special places are built where dolphin watch is showcased. One of such places are ports where people are taken to dolphin habitats and are allowed to have a closer look of dolphins. Similarly, port Stephens is a port which takes people from nelson bay to tea garden and on their way allows people to see exotic view of smooth flowing water with dolphins diving in and out. The ferry services of port Stephens are available.